20Ft, Box Gutter, 1" x 8" x 10" x 8" x 1", 24 Gauge.

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Box gutters are perfect for flatter roof types. Its large width allows for the easy accumulation and run off of rain water. Very easy to clean and install. For further information please call us at 868.659.4008 or email us.

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A box gutter is ‘trapped’ between two roofs that feed rainwater into it. The water is drained via downpipe nozzles, or via a sumps & downpipes built into it.A good box gutter design will have falls along its length, together with sumps to collect water before it is fed into large downpipes. There will also be an overflow facility on the side or the end. This is very important – so that water will overflow externally to the building, rather than flood into the roof cavity. Available in 26 and 24 gauge only. Standard lengths are max 20 ft.

  • ZINCALUME 300s Steel Substrate
  • Aluminum Zinc Coating 150 - 200 G/m2
  • Aluminum 50 ~ 60 %
  • Silcon < 1.5 %
  • Zinc Balance
  • Unpainted
  • 32 Super Polyester Colours
  • 5 PVF/ Kaynar Colours
  • Hexavalent Chromium Compounds: Max 30 mg/mper side
                     PRODUCTS SPECS
  • Primer : ~ 5-10  Microns per side
  • Strontium Chromate: < 20% of primer layer
  • Top Coat: 20 Microns (Super Polyester)
  • Back Coat: 10 Microns (grey)
  • Gauges:  26G (0.50mm)
  • Width : 6 Inches (152.4mm)
  • Height : 5 ~ 6 Inches (152.4mm)
  • Length: 1ft ~ 100 ft
  • Customized Orders allowed
  • Dimensional Tolerance: AS/NZS 1365
  • Substrate: Cold Rolled : AS/NZS 1595, Hot Dipped Metallic- Coated AS 1397,
  • Organic Finishes: AS/NZS 2728
  • Raw Materials: ASTM - A792, TTS69:2012


  • Commercial Buildings
  • Homes
  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Offices
  • Industrial Areas
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