3.5", Composite Floor Steel Decking Pan, 2 Ft x 20 Ft, 20 Gauge

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Varma's composite floor decking is perfect for assisting builders who looking for a safe and effective way when casting a concrete floor. Its strength and coatings are designed to handle the weight and toxic properties of concrete over time.For further information please contact us at 868.659.4008 or email us.

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Trapezoidal Metal Profile sheets with strong and reliable shear bond performance which is augmented by cross embossing located in the profile. The composite floor profile offers the ultimate in the light weight steel decking which reduced concrete usage to provide a cost effective and alternative floor solution that easy to install.The floor is constituted by a profiled sheet onto which a layer of concrete is poured. The sheet is bonded to the concrete by means of mouldings on the sheet which stop the concrete from slipping horizontally and detaching vertically. When the concrete is poured and until it has reached and appropriate level of hardening (stage 1), the weights of the concrete, personnel working and equipment used in borne by the sheet alone. Once the concrete has hardened (stage 2) the sheet and the concrete form a unified bond with all the characteristics of traditional reinforced concrete, where the sheet, after having performed the function of framework, acts as a metal reinforcement. Appropriate crop ends must be provided to absorb the negative moments.

  • COATING - Aluminum Zinc Coating Min 300 G/m2 , Antimony < 0.2%, Zinc Balance
  • YIELD & TENSILE STRENGTH - Min 300 MPa ( Yield Strength) , Min 340 MPa (Tensile Strength )
  • PERFORMANCE - Bending : Rating 5, Drawing : Rating 3, Pressing : Rating 2 , Roll Forming : Rating 4,  Welding : Rating 4, Painting : Rating 5 ,
    (Rating Scale, 1 = Limited & 5 = Excellent)
  • STANDARD -  ASTM - A653, TTS69 – 2012, AS 1365 , AS 1397: 2011
  • CHEMICAL PROPERTIES - Carbon Max 0.3%, Phosphorous 0.10%, Manganese 1.60% , Sulpher 0.035%
  • BASE  - Structural Steel Base (Zinc Coated)

  • PRODUCT SPECS -  Gauges: 20G (0.9mm), 18G (1.2mm),  16G (1.5mm), Width : Standard 24.5  Inches ( 625 mm), Length: 1ft ~ 100 ft, Customized Orders allowed.

  • APPLICATIONS - Commercial Buildings, Schools, Homes, Offices etc.
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Floor Deck Pan


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