12.5 Gauge, Zinc Coated Barbed Wire Roll, 550 Ft

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The barbed wire fence is made with a double strand and a conventional twist where the strands of wire twist in a single direction. For custom orders please call us at 868.659.4008 or email us.

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Zinc coated steel wire with a 3 point barbs. Each barb on the wire is set at 12 cm apart on a 550 feet roll. The Zinc Coating adds an additonal layer of anti corrosion protection.The bare steel wire has been hot dipped in zinc to form a metallurgic bond which increases the durability and strength of the wire.

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CompositionBarb Distance (cm) - 3 Point Barb 12 cm apart
Coat Weight (G/M2) - 300 G/M2 (42 Microns)
Standard - ASTM - A121


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