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At Varma Iron & Steel we are proud to offer our customers transportation either on the same day or one day after the purchase is made, under the following conditions:
Order Dates

The delivery date will depend on the product's size, weight and whether it qualifies for next day delivery. Alternative delivery dates can be set after order confirmation once it exceeds the 24 hour production limit. Delivery dates will be set by our sales reps for orders placed over the phone, in person or on Customers are reminded that these delivery dates are not guaranteed as unforeseen circumstances may occur.

Next Day Delivery
  • For orders placed within Trinidad & Tobago, next day delivery usually applies unless in cases of unforeseen circumstances.
  • For orders outside of Trinidad & Tobago, next day delivery does not apply.
  • Next Day delivery service may not apply for orders confirmed after 3pm during business hours as time is needed to manufacture the order.
  • Next day orders are subject to stock availability and in some rare cases may result in your order being cancelled and payment refunded.
  • In rare cases certain custom orders may not qualify for next day delivery depending on the level of customization required.
  • Next Day delivery does not include Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.
Bulk Goods

For products exceeding lengths of 40 feet or other large scaled products, Varma Iron and Steel is unfortunately unable to provide its customers with free transport and a delivery charge may apply for such items. This is determined after carefully considering the nature of the goods purchased, i.e., the quantity, the location of delivery, etc. These factors will be discussed with the customer prior purchasing in the event delivery is requested.

Free Transport Policy

Under certain conditions and based on order size, we offer free delivery. This policy excludes purchased goods falling under the minimum requirement and goods classified as bulk goods.

  • Toco
  • Mayaro
  • Icacos
  • Manzanilla
  • Moruga
  • Tobago (our policy is to deliver up to ports within Trinidad where goods are transferred to consumer via their own transportation.

Certain rural areas not listed are also considered no delivery zones. For further information please call.

What if I'm out when you try to deliver?

Customers are informed that someone must be on-site at the delivery address in order to received and sign for the goods. Customers are also informed that Varma Iron & Steel will not be held accountable for goods that are requested to be left at the delivery site even if someone isn’t there to receive and/or sign for the goods. Varma Iron & Steel requires that the buyer or other authorized individuals to be present at the delivery site. It is here that the customer (or authorized individual) verifies and accepts the responsibility for ensuring that he/she has obtained the right amount of goods, quality, etc. If a customer is unable to receive the goods at the requested location, the customer is asked to inform us, 24 hours prior to the scheduled delivery time and date.

Change of Delivery Time

* For local orders (orders placed within Trinidad & Tobago) customers can change their schedule delivery time and date 24 hours prior to schedule delivery time

* For orders placed outside Trinidad & Tobago a guaranteed delivery time is not available.

Change of delivery address

* For local orders (order placed within Trinidad & Tobago) customers can change their delivery address 24 hours prior to the scheduled delivery time.

* For orders placed outside Trinidad & Tobago customers can change their delivery address 72 hours prior to delivery.

Order Cancellations

For orders placed over the phone, at a sale office and/ or over, customers are asked to cancel orders within 2 hours of order confirmation and/or purchase as due to our “next day” delivery policy; we process all orders quickly and efficiently. Orders that are already produced cannot be cancelled.

* For our cancellation policy please also refers to our Refund Policy.

For further information on our delivery policy or on information not listed within our delivery policy please call.

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