10 Ft, Drip Edge, 2" x 2" x 1/2", 26 Gauge

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Drip edges are designed to cap off the edge of your roof leading to the gutter, this flashing adds an additional layer of protection to the edges of your roof while guiding rain water to your gutter. For further information please call 868.659.4008 or email us.  

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Drip-edge materials protect the edges of roof sheathing from water penetration due to driving rains the material is bent in a form that channels water away from the roof edges, thus protecting rake and fascia boards. The drip-edge material that extends past the edge of the sheathing supports the outermost edges of the shingles, enabling them to drip water while providing structural support so the shingles last longer without splitting or cracking. These drip edges are Our drip edges are sold at a standard length of 10 feet, with a standard girth of 5 inches.The roofing material is coated in zincalume and other metals to form a barrier that protects the base metal from corrosion. ZINCALUME G300 steel is a hot-dipped zinc/aluminium alloy-coated structural steel with a regular spangle surface and a guaranteed minimum yield strength of 300 MPa with good ductility. This anti-corrosion barrier increases the durability and strength of the material while simultaneously, optimizing its performance to handle various environmental conditions. With over 30 colours, these colours further improve the overall durability of the material while maintaining excellent colour retention. The colours shown here are computer rendered and created to illustrate the listed colours as accurately as possible. Customers are recommended to check their colour choices against a actual sample before purchase as lighting conditions, computer renders and printing may not reflect the shading of the colours. Please contact us for further information.

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