Tips On Maintaining Your Metal Roof.

Tips On Maintaining Your Metal Roof.

Like many things, to get the most out of your roof and the longest life possible, we recommend a semiannual clean. Homes near roads, trees or other buildings are highly susceptible to dust and other foreign substances, that tend to build up on the surface of your roof.

Roofing profiles with lighter colours are more susceptible to this than darker profiles mainly due to the pigment combinations in the roofing colours. The “black mold” on the roof isn’t mold, but an algae that feeds on the buildup of foreign substances on the roof. As dirt and other substances build and are exposed to the natural elements, it provides the algae ample opportunity to grow and thrive thus creating this “black mold” like substance. If left untreated, this compromises the coatings on the roofing profile, reducing its life expectancy.

As the algae grows and thrives, the top coating begins to breakdown eventually leading to further problems like discoloration, corrosion, and rust.


1) Wash the surface with a mild solution of pure soap or non-abrasive dish washing kitchen detergent in warm water.

2) Washing should be conducted with a sponge, soft cloth or soft bristle nylon brush (no abrasive scourers, steel wool etc.), and be performed gently to reduce the possibility of scuffing the product surface. 3)
3) Thoroughly rinse the surface with fresh water immediately after cleaning to remove traces of detergent.
4) Care should be taken when washing water catchment surfaces (e.g. roof) to avoid soap/detergent runoff being washed into water tanks. 
5) It is recommended that the chosen cleaning method be tested on a small inconspicuous section of the building to ensure that no damage to the steel sheeting occurs (e.g. surface dulling or discoloration). 
6) Never use abrasive or solvent type cleaners (e.g. turpentine, petrol, kerosene, paint thinners, sugar soap)
7) When cleaning your roof its always import to wear nonslip footwear. If the pitch of the roof is significantly at a slope, we highly recommend you consult a professional to conduct a cleaning.
8) A low PSI powerwasher can be used after the 1st cleaning.
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